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Based on current statistics, about 56,210 veterans have committed suicide since I completed my research on the Army's Suicide Prevention Program. In the last 7 years, I have had a lot of time to think about how I can use my work to make a greater impact on suicide prevention as a leader.


Here's what I learned: 1) We have to reassess the use of the phrase "suicide prevention" and how to incorporate prevention into resilience... 2) We have to shift from training t0 talking - there is so much power in one-on-one and small group discussions... 3) We may be able to identify risk factors and resources, but on a personal level, we are less comfortable knowing what to say to someone in crisis.

Here's where I need your help: I want to capture best practices for talking about the importance of LIFE PRESERVATION. So many of us have personal experiences with having these hard conversations, but how often do we share what we have learned? I want to hear from you! I hope you will join me in my quest to find out what works and what we need to do better.


My goal is to hear from 300 people. Provide me your email (optional) and I'll get you a COMMIT TO LIFE t-shirt!

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